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leg psoriasis

leg psoriasis after

Hi there, I would like to submit my testimonial.
Being a skeptical person I never thought I'd be writing any testimonials but here I am.
I've been dealing with my Psoriasis for about 3 years. Mainly on my legs. I've tried all sorts of creams and ointments with no results. In fact most of them made it worse!
After some desperate search, I came across your site. I was very skeptical and it took a while to convince myself to purchase your product. But after reading the testimonials, I took the plunge and purchased the Spray & Cream combo. At that point, I pretty much had given up on clearing my Psoriasis as long as it got rid of that darn ITCH!
Well to my surprise my itch subsided after a few days.  "so far so good..."
And after about 2 weeks to visually see noticeable results of the skin getting better.  Well it's been over 2 months since using Champori and I am happy to say most of the Psoriasis is cleared.
I thought I had to suffer from Psoriasis for the rest of my life but Champori had changed that. Thank you Champori!Curt K. Espoo, Finland

LarryM arm psoriasis LarryM. arm psoriasis after

I was both surprised and pleased with the almost instant effect that your cream and spray had upon my case of Psoriasis which I have suffered with for over twenty years. I changed my diet about six years ago to mostly vegetables and veggie drinks and my psoriasis almost disappeared for a while but as you can see it does flare up from time to time, I started on your cream about two weeks ago and here are some before and after photos. Thank you so much for cream -spray combo it really does work!
Larry M. Don Mills, Ontario, Canada

hand psoriasis before hand psoriasis after

       I wanted to write you and give you the good news, NO, GREAT news!  I have been using the cream and spray for 12 days now, and I am truly amazed!!  My skin is in the best condition EVER, and my psoriasis spots are disappearing!  I am so happy!  Truly happy for the first time in a long time.  I am recommending this to my circle of friends who have this horrible disease.  You have one great natural approach to this!  I have battled with many creams, steroids, and different medicines to get rid of these terrible spots, nothing has worked.  This has been only 12 days!!  Count them, 12 days!!  I have been battling this for almost 9 years!  Truly amazing! I am adding before and after pics, so people can truly see this amazing product!  Thank you so much!
Lou T. Sacramento, CA

seb derm before seb derm after

I can say EXCELLENT!!....very good product last I can say I am out of Seborrheic Dermatitis and psoriasis ...I have used this combo pack one week and I found it work excellent without any sideeffect...thanks for this good product ..I'll be in your touch for any future advice... Thanks again.
Vijay G. Mumbai, India

Larry Before Larry 1 week after

Hello- I just wanted to write to tell you how much your product has helped me.  I have suffered with Eczema my whole life and working in a profession where my hands are always in some chemical, it really agitated my condition. I heard about Champori through a friend and finally tried it a few weeks ago- what a difference! The itchy, dry feeling that I have become so used to was gone within days and my hands were finally clear and back to normal with in just one week of using your cream. Thanks for making such a great product!
Larry L.  Hastings-on-Hudson, NY

Jamie S before Jamie S. after

After 20 years of trying many products for severe psoriasis I had given up that I would ever find a non-steroidal treatment that worked.  Since I refused to use harmful steroids I had been putting up with the discomfort and embarrassment of psoriasis - until I heard about Champori.  With much skepticism I tried Champori cream and spray as directed.  I was thrilled to find that my psoriasis cleared up completely!  I still use it for an occasional flare up, especially during winter!  But overall, it has proven to be an unexpected and much appreciated success!  Champori is a great natural product and I would recommend it for anyone with psoriasis.
Jamie S. Parma, PA

Herb psoriasis elbow before herb psoriasis elbow after

The photos are a little blurry ( it's hard to photograph your
elbow) but the results are clear. Champori has worked very well on my
elbows, knees
and other parts of my body.
Herb T. Burbank, CA

HI! Wow, I knew I was going to e-mail you when I seen improvement but I didn't think it would be this soon. I have only used it for 3 days and what a difference! I have battled with 2 huge patches of Psoriasis on my left leg for 3 years. I have very light and very sensitive skin so the creams from my doctor did more damage than helping. Thank you so much for sharing your products. What a Blessing!!!  Thanks!
Tony B. Morganton, NC

Hello, I am very happy to have found Champori for my psoriasis.  It started to work immediately and I felt great about it being all natural.  I have tried many steroid creams and was always worried about side effects.  I am happy to say that I only use Champori now to treat my psoriasis and that I can show my knees and elbows more often than I ever have.  Thank you for easing my mind with regards to treating my skin!
Angela T.  Twin Falls, ID


Hello there, I am ordering another pot of your cream because the first one seems to have cleared up a four year old bout of psoriasis ... unbelievable but true. Thanks very much is all I can say.
Peter C. London, UK

I have been dealing with Seborrheic Dermatitis for almost 6 years now. I have gone to dermatologists, changed my diet, and tried several over the counter and prescribed products and … nothing worked. Then I found Champori anti-eczema Cream on the Internet and decided to give it a try… I have been using it on my scalp for 5 days and yesterday as I was shampooing my head in the shower, I discovered that the patches weren’t there:  the skin was smooth and soft!!  It felt like I forgot when my scalp felt so normal.  I only regret that I didn’t take the pictures of my skin before I started the treatment. … Thank you very much for your wonderful cream!!
Jennifer L.  Seattle, WA

seb derm before seb derm after

My name is Sara, I’m 50 and I’ve had Seborrheic  Dermatitis for many years, at least 15.  Wearing cosmetics was very necessary but quite a problem : after a few hours of talking and laughing, my face would look like my first photo, though it was also in my eyebrows, on my forehead and around my nose.  Too, my scalp was terrible; itching, flaking and scabbing.  I have beautiful dark hair but it wasn’t so pretty with big white flakes stuck in it and showering down onto my shoulders.  I’d always have to be so self-conscious; constantly primping so I didn’t get caught looking as my first picture, in front of others.
For years I used Apple Cider Vinegar but every time I’d overheat I smelled so strongly of vinegar.  Not so much fun.  I tried using pharmaceuticals, they’d help some, not any better than ACV though, but they affected my HPA Axis - undoing what my doctor and I have been working so hard to turn around in my brain [which has been a success with natural stuff too].  So In another search for answers I came across “Champori”, the before and after pictures and stories convinced me to give it a try.
I am very satisfied with the results.  It is hard to use on the scalp - though it’s well worth the effort.  My face is amazing as you see by my second photo which was taken 7PM, 12 hours after applying my make-up and this day was full of visiting, smiling and laughing!  No more having to primp, I can even choose to not wear make-up when I want.  What a treat just being able to be me.
Thank you so much Champori!
Sara T. New York, NY

The Champori salve literally gave me my life back. I suffer from psoriatic arthritis - which for long periods of time renders me unable to walk. The salve not only did wonders for my skin, but since the inflammation associated with the psoriasis has decreased - my joints feel a lot better too and I'm walking most of the time now. THANK YOU!!!
Jane W. Portland, OR

I am a customer of your excema cream and I am very grateful for its effectiveness. I felt hepless before I found it, and now I have been completely relieved from outbreaks. I use the cream to forestall skin irritation when I have to work in distressing environments and at the onset of any sign of skin discomfort. It has changed my life.
Brian D. New York, NY (eczema)

JoAnn before JoAnn after

I’m very pleased with the results I got from the Psoriasis medicine I received from you; I hope these pics of my hands show just how great Champori is.  They were very bad looking, now when I go shopping I don't have to try and hide my hands, My legs are not completely healed, but they are getting there,  the bottom of my feet were horrible, I could hardly walk on them, but since using your  spray and cream they have almost cleared up and I can walk good on them pain free. … My skin specialist wanted me to take shots of Enbrel at a price of 3,300 a month to treat my condition, but we decided this was a safer way to go - the shot has too many side effects that could happen.  I have what is called Pustular Psoriasis, I was so blessed when I found your website. Thank you so very much, I tell everyone I know and see about what great products you have.  Thank you thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Joann U.  Coral Springs, FL

Thank you for the natural remedy you offer.
Few years ago I had come to the conclusion that a couple of patches on my scalp were sites of psoriasis.  Very soon I discovered that if one was to research psoriasis remedies online, one might become quickly discouraged. Nothing I tried did anything to alter or impact what had been a very long and unexplained annoyance and concern. … Your remedy made a difference and was well worth the price! I used the ointment while sleeping or at home and applied the spray after showering & before going out or before work. Change was evident in 7 days, improvement in another 3.  Many thanks!
Dan S. Fairfax, VA

I have been suffering with hand Psoriasis for over 15 years. I have tried everything from medicated creams to sprays, to Epsom salt, PUVA and Biologics with no success. I gave your product a try about 2 month ago. I use the cream and absolutely love it! I have never seen a product work so well and so quickly. I finally see a light at the end of the tunnel, Thanks so much, Champori!
Roseanne A. New York, NY

brad elbow psoriasis before elbow psoriasis after

Dear Champori,
 I hope the pictures I have attached will suffice as testament to how well your cream has worked on my psoriasis.
 First of all, I should point out that the "before" picture was taken when I had been using the cream for about a week, as I had simply forgotten to take some pictures earlier. So, my psoriasis was actually a little worse than what the picture shows. Also, despite the poor quality of the pictures, the improvement is very clear. The dryness and flakiness cleared up after a week. However, it took two to three weeks before the red blotches started to fade and for the rough, bumpy skin to smooth out.
 Now that I have some incentive, I will start using the next batch on my legs and hopefully, the response will be just as good.
Brad D. Calgary, Canada

I recently found out that I am suffering from the heart break of psoriasis! At 27, it made me feel like an old lady, and I didn't want to use a drug store product with a petroleum base. I searched for a long time online until I found your product. After 2 days of use, my skin felt smooth and the scales were less noticeable. I don't feel like an old lady anymore! Thanks, Champori!
Alice C. Atlanta, GA

Wanda before Wanda after

I have ordered and used the products to treat my psoriasis which I had for 21 years and immediately the itching was relieved, the psoriases patches became lighter, not as red. The effect of the amazing medicine was first felt on my scalp; there was no more tightness and itchiness just after using the product for a week. I am so happy I found your product. Thank you so much! Let the Universe bless you for helping me and so many other people who are suffering from this mysterious and painful disease. Thank you!
Wanda T. Watertown, MA

I literally just had a flare up and I used the spray for 3 days (I put it in one of those hair coloring applicator bottles I bought on Ebay so it goes right on the scalp) and now it's mostly gone!! This stuff is a Godsend!! And best of all, I no longer have to use Clobetasol.
Alex G. Sacramento, CA  (scalp psoriasis)

I am very happy to have found your cream! ... it started to work straight away... The skin on my head feels and looks better than it did in the last four years.
Kurt L. Chicago, IL (seborrhoeic dermatitis)

Champori has helped my hands tremendously!  I can’t thank you enough.  My hands are almost completely clear after one month of using Champori cream!  I had given up hope of finding anything that would help.  I had numerous cracks in the palms of both my hands and the tops of my thumbs and fingers that hurt so bad I had given up everything.  I work in an office as well as on a ranch.  Gripping of any kind was impossible.  I’m happily back working with my horses.  Thanks, Champori! 
Debbie H. Lexington, KY (eczema)

psoriasis before psoriasis after

Aloha Champori,
I must say, I really was unsure about your product. I figured it was all natural, so it beats taking or rubbing steroids on my skin.  Your product arrived sooner than I thought.  I began using the spray & cream that evening. Within a few days, I could see a huge difference.  As the days past, I noticed even bigger changes. (EXCITING......) The really bright horrible red scaly spots/patches were drying out heading for the healing process. Most are nearly gone this sign is promising. The best hope I have had in the last 6 years. Since the birth of my twins five years ago.  My psoriasis was so hard to control. Those who have PSORIASIS know how much time consuming it is to care for it. I am so happy with what I have seen by using Champori. It gives me confidence that this summer I will be at the BEACH with my kids. It kind of sucks living in Hawaii and you cannot go to the beach, cause you look like a Human Leopard or that you are the only one at the beach all covered up.
I know it has only been 11 days, I am confident with what I've seen, It's the BEST yet. Prescription Medication has never acted as fast as the ALL NATURAL CHAMPORI CREAM & SPRAY. IT IS ALL WORTH IT............ Thank you so much..Mahalo,
Adele S. Kailua, HI

I began to get psoriasis on my thumb and using a steroid cream given to me by my doctor, I got no relief and felt like my skin was getting even worse!  Soon I noticed more psoriasis on my other hand.  Even my daughter-in-law who is a Registered Nurse could not recommend anything else except a steroid cream.
I was getting desperate for relief as my hands became itchy and painful when they began to split open.  I came across your website and was impressed by the testimonials and ordered your cream.  Here are the amazing results after using your cream just 3 days!
I wish there was some way we could let everyone else in the world known about the amazing properties of this natural product.  Thank you so much for your cream, I’m letting my daughter-in-law know!
Connie G. Little Rock, AR

I AM honestly VERY surprised at the amazing results!!  After 4 years of suffering from psoriasis on my elbows and having my dermatologist tell me it was going to be there forever...I can see the end in sight!!  I noticed a difference after just a couple days.  It stopped itching and hurting almost immediately!  Slowly the raised and red patches started to lose their color and became even with the rest of my skin!  It has been 2 months and although it has not completely disappeared, I AM confident in this product and have gotten the best results after trying EVERYTHING else!!  Thank you so much for your have a very satisfied customer!!
Jodi H.  Tempe, AZ

Hi.  About six weeks ago I bought the Champori psoriasis cream.  I had psoriasis on my leg, arm,torso and the back of my neck.  I have included pictures of my leg and arm.  As you can see the color is lighter and I can tell you that the scales are almost gone and the skin is soft again.  I’ve been battling this for about 13 years and have tried many products both prescriptions and all-natural including dietary changes and nothing has helped as much as this product.  Prescriptions helped some but they have side effects and stop working.  The other all-natural stuff has done nothing.  Dietary changes are good but hard to stick with permanently.  I looked up the ingredients for this product online and was encouraged to see some studies that had been done with skin problems including psoriasis.  I must admit that I was beyond skeptical it would work because there are a lot of products that claim to help and frankly don’t.  But I’m glad I did.  I can now get my hair cut short without embarrassment because the back of my neck is almost cleared up.  I believe that I’m still in some state of shock over how well things are going.  I’m very thankful that someone has found something that works for me and I’ll tell anyone I meet about your product that needs it.  Thank you so much for putting this product out
Heather M. Lincoln, IL

I am delighted to write in a testimonial about your Champori product for excema.  My sister recommended it to me after using it herself and finding it incredibly and quickly helpful.  I decided to give it a try as I have been struggling with excema on my hands for over ten years.  I wanted to take a "before" picture of my hands, but put it off for two days while using Champori, only to find there was no more "before" because I could not see any signs of the excema besides some slight dryness.  Since then I have been virtually excema free and have even started wearing rings again - something I have not even considered for years!  I am so pleased with this product and just wanted to let others know because I am sure there are many out there like me who are struggling with this issue.  They should know there is something out there that works - and this is it!
Melissa L. Boston, MA

Terry daughter Before Terry daughter 1 wk later

I just wanted to let you know how wonderful your products are working for my daughter, she has been suffering with eczema on her kneck, legs, and arms for the past twelve years and we have tried everything.  The only thing that showed a little short term relief were prescription drugs that contain steroids, which I never felt comfortable with.  I was searching online trying to find an all natural product and I came across a blog about Champori and decided to give it a try we had nothing to lose.  Within three days the scaliness had completely dissappeared and in the three weeks most of the discoloration and itching are gone.  I have never done a testimonial before but I had to do it for this product, it really does what it claims. The picture  is the arm that was giving her the most trouble, notice how much it has cleared in just one week. Thank you so much for helping my daughter,
Terry S.  Franklin, NJ

My father has been suffering from Psoriasis for over 30 years now. The condition gets really bad in the winters, when he can barely walk due to the bleeding / pain in the affected areas on his leg.
There is not a single product / home remedy we have not tried.
We live in India where homeopathy was born, but even after 3 years of homeopathic treatment it did not get better.   I constantly look on the internet to see if there is any new product that he can try and I chanced upon your website.  I ordered for him a small combo 2 weeks back and even in the peak of winter now, he is without any irritation and can sleep peacefully at nights... My father is thrilled beyond words! Thank you Champori!
Raji K. Bangalore, India

Psoriasis on leg before Psoriasis on leg after

 I have included a very clean diet with the use of Champori...I have seen significant results in an improvement in my psoriasis. For me the results were more subtle in the beginning and these pictures are over a 6 week span.
Marilyn H. Superior, MN

I have had severe eczema on both of my hands and face for over 30 years. It has been so bad that my skin was like an elephant hide. . A relative in California told me about your fantastic Champori cream, and I have been using it now three times a day for the last 5 months. My hands are now soft and smooth, and I can look at myself in the mirror without wincing, and I have had no outbreaks.
Michelle D. Acton MA

I've had Seborrheic Dermatitis since 1999 and it’s made my life hell. I've tried every supplement, acv, anything I could find that I thought might help. Over the years many did nothing more than waste my time and money. While I was on vacation I came across a forum online that was discussing rosacea and seb derm and noted a topical called Champori.  Of course I was skeptical but figured for $30 I would to give it a try. The package arrived the day I returned home from vacation and I started immediately. I honestly can say to you I was amazed at the results. Within a week almost half of my seb derm was gone or on its way and by the second and third weeks 90% was a distant memory. I started trying it on my head after that and was able to rid myself of the seb derm that had been plaguing my head for years.
I would never endorse a product for this as I've never found anything that actually works, but I have to say that Champori proved all the doctors and dermatologists wrong. I couldn't wait to share it with everyone so I'm revisiting all the boards I used in the past to let everyone know. It even worked on my wife's Rosacea! We are both very happy and grateful to have found it.
Donald G. Austin, TX

I have been suffering from contact dermatitis now for about 2.5 years. My condition was getting so bad that i could only work for 3 hours a day and the rest of the time I was depressed in bed. Last year I was finally diagnosed, I tried all the cream steroid with no prevail. Finally my doctor said to use vaseline which helped very little. Then I found Champori spray and cream. Now I live again. The results are very good, my skin looks almost normal again without cracking or peeling.
Tariq N. Philadelphia, PA

Hi, I had to come back and tell you thank you for your cream. .. I am 60 and first experienced eczema after doing a particularly stressful tile floor job in which I wound up swimming in cement. After which I scratched and took long hot showers. Who knew I was drying out my skin - with water? Anyway, it has recurred and I sought "natural" help and found Champori. The cream is truly effective. I recognize a distinct difference between the healing sensation from your cream and the temporary cool buttering from commercial body creams. .. Champori cream is actually healing the skin. Within only a week I see the results.
Brian H. Monticello, NY

After two weeks of use I am very pleased with your product. I have battled psoriasis for 15 years and being skeptical at first after so many disappointments with almost every topical prescription known to man, I decided to give Champori a try.  Right off the bat I started to see improvements with Champori. Less scaling was noticeable within a few days and within a week I noticed patches beginning to flatten out. I have now been using the anti-psoriasis cream and spray for two weeks and my psoriasis is starting to heal from the inside out. All my patches are fading and are noticeably less red in color. I am so excited to get off the harmful effects of steroids and treat my psoriasis with a natural product.  You have definitely gained a customer for life with your product. 
Darrell H.  Vinton, VA

I want to tell you that your products worked in such a short time span it was mind blowing. I have a problem with most the breakouts on my face. The problem especially around my eyes at the corner and over my eyelids has been a nightmare because other products I tried ended up getting into my eyes as I slept. The eye irritation was painful and annoying. But the Champori products did not end up in my eyes at night or during the day. I give a 5-plus Star rating and my gratitude for the products you provide.
Thank you very much!
Penny Y. Flint, MI (eyelid eczema)

I've had a serious problem with the bottom half of my face for 3 months that I have never experienced before. Constant scaling, deep large painful cracks on the sides of my mouth and large surrounding rashes. Nothing was giving me any kind of relief, so I ordered your cream and in just a short time the skin is finally healing! Thank you for a wonderful product!
Sarah S . Springfield, MO (eczema)

My psoriasis started 3 years ago on the back of my hands, then spread to lower and upper arms and shoulders. I used Cortaid but it was pretty useless. When I bought your product I first used it on my lower arms and back of hands, and these areas are clear now. I am now dealing with the upper arm/shoulder situation. I apply the spray first, and when it dries I put the cream on... I wish I found your products earlier.
Jacob B. Amarillo, TX

           ...I have been using your product for about a month now, and I am extremely happy and satisfied with the results. I have been suffering from Psoriasis for over 9 years, and this product has given me hope and a chance to relive my life again. My doctor has prescribed me ointments and pills for over 9 years now, but none of it has helped as much as your Anti-Psoriasis Cream. I couldn’t thank you enough, and I wish I could’ve found out about your product sooner. I will tell everyone I know who has Psoriasis or Eczema to try your product. After two days of using your product, I have seen incredible improvement and knew that this cream would work. As seen from the pictures, before I had red and bumpy spots all over my legs, but as I used your product, my spots lightened and smoothed out. Thank you, thank you Champori, for giving me what I needed most. I wake up everyday feeling better about myself. I don’t ever want to be without the cream!
Beverly L. Sacramento, CA

Hi Ollie!  Your product is amazing!
I've had some great results in just 2 days and with just 4 applications (twice a day).
I've had a couple of  psoriasis spots for over 10 years (mostly on my scalp and elbow), however early this year, it just flared up covering my entire scalp, and most of my lower legs.
Nothing I tried worked. Steroidal creams only gave mild relief. I'm amazed with the results I've had with using Champori for just 2 days.
I'm sending you the pics of my leg. Well, is not gone yet but I can see much improvement. Surprisingly the results I've had for my scalp are even better. I can now feel my scalp instead of something that felt like crust. There were no flakes on my pillow the last 2 nights.
I hope I can get rid of this scourge, or at least keep it under control.
Thanks again.
Uma K. Malaysia

Hello, I have had a very severe case of Psoriasis on my scalp. I have had it for about a year and a half, and my scalp had severe scales that appeared like dandruff. This also caused my scalp to itch all the time. Overall, this created a very unpleasant and embarrassing situation, with dandruff-like scales falling on my shirt all the time, and with the severe itching sensation on my scalp.
 I contacted my skin specialist, and he asked me use Clobetasol and Selsun shampoo at frequent intervals. These helped a little, but made no significant impact. I tried many other shampoos and creams, but those were of no avail.  I recently performed my own web search, and found out about this product called Champori. Given that everything that I had tried so far had failed, and I was desperate to do something about my Psoriasis, I decided to try out this product.  
I have been using the Champori products (both the cream as well as the spray) for the last one month now. I initially applied the cream on my scalp, and then used the Champori spray after taking a shower to make sure that the liquid reached the affected areas of the scalp. I have now been using the spray liberally once or twice a day on my scalp.
To my amazement, this product has done wonders to the affected areas of my scalp. The itching sensation is completely gone, and there are almost no scales or dandruff on my scalp anymore.
A truly great product!   I would recommend anyone who is suffering from Psoriasis to try it out. (I could not take pictures of my scalp given that I have thick hair)

Alok H. Redmond, WA 

I must commend you on the excellent service I have received down under in Australia. Psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis  are on the warpath and have been taking over my entire body. It has been very distressing. From time of order to receipt was 10 days. I really appreciated being kept advised of the status of the order and that it had been dispatched. …  Being as desperate as I am and having hit the end of the line in treatments, your product has offered me a ray of hope. I have been using it for 1 week and already the lesions which cover a massive proportion of my body [almost all of my legs, my hands and feet, some of my arms and a large proportion of my torso] are noticeably lighter and less inflamed looking.  Thank you for your efficiency and for the best psoriasis product I have tried so far.....something that works, finally!
Anne B. Sydney, Australia

I have had plaque psoriasis of the scalp for over 5 years. As a young, attractive, professional female, my confidence was slipping away year after year as my psoriasis worsened.  I went to doctors and they all prescribed the same steroid creams and liquids. But, if I ever missed a dose my psoriasis would spread and get worse. I was very depressed and self -conscious every where I went.  I am happy to say the day after I stared using Champori spray and cream I could feel and see a difference in my scalp. By day 3 I couldn't believe how much it helped me!!   I've gotten back my self confidence and I have even gone to a hair dresser for the first time in years!
(my hair is very thick so I was unable to get any good pictures, sorry)
Thank you so much Champori for giving me my life back. God bless you!!
Kelly N.  Pasadena, CA

I am 40 years old and recently was diagnosed with Psoriasis just 3 months ago, over 60% of my body. I have had terrible reactions to cortisone shots, topicals and creams. They made my condition worse! Before trying shots of Enbril, the next level recommended by my dermatologist, I thought I should search for a holistic and natural approach first. I surfed the web and found a few natural remedies, one of them Champori. I had spectacular improvement just with 8 days of use. I am very pleased and excited with my results using Champori product and will continue to use it. Yes, it is oily and very thick – but it works, so worth it. … Do give Champori a try, you will love it.
Mike S. Honolulu, HI